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Happy Birthday to me!

It’s just over a year since I started this blog and I have to tell you I’m quite proud of how it’s going. Initially I started it to store some of my own recipe experimentations for later reference and to share recipes with friends and family that requested them. I also wanted to write a gluten-free blog that didn’t focus on the complaining, woe is me attitude that some blogs thrive on.

I’ve found contributing to this blog enjoyable and not a chore. I love cooking and trying new recipes and fortunately I also love eating. I never considered myself a creative writer and certainly (as you can no doubt tell) a particularly talented or enthusiastic photographer, but I think I’ve found myself a creative outlet.

Sure I could’ve baked a gluten-free cake for the occasion and posted some blurry pictures of it, but I didn’t – and actually after the two donut gloriousness that was last weekend, foregoing the cake might be wise.

So thank you all that drop by here. I get quite excited visiting my site stats and knowing my blog is steadily growing. Thanks to those that follow, subscribe and comment. Thanks to those that request recipes to be added to my blog. Thanks to those who know a cousin/friend/colleague who needs to eat gluten-free and refer them here. Thanks to those of you that stumbled on my page after various searches on food related topics. I hope you’ve all found something useful here and drop by again.


96 bottles of cider…

I’ve mentioned earlier that I have a great group of people in my life that help me live a gluten-free existence.  My friends and family are always looking out for new products, restaurant options and information to help me out.  So the other day when my friend came over with a batch of new ciders to taste, how could I refuse?  Anything for research.


This Pagan Cider is very interesting, this is their cherry and apple cider.  It’s quite high on the alcohol content at 8%.  I thought it would be too sweet, but I actually found it very enjoyable – certainly not something I could have 3 or 4 of in a row, but a great option for a quiet afternoon drink.  Extra points for the cool label too, my friend confesses that it swayed her in selecting it.  Nothing to be ashamed of really, it’s also how I choose most of my wine.


Gluten-free homemade tortillas

Ready made tortillas packaged in plastic found on the supermarket shelves don’t actually taste like food. They have so many additives and preservatives that they’d last the Armageddon, plus they are generally a corn flour and wheat flour blend.  Our friends from Arizona invited us over for a Mexican feast one evening and proceeded to introduce us Australians to home-made tortillas.  They are not only super tasty and authentic but naturally gluten-free. The trick is to find the masa corn flour to make them.  I went searching and luckily found this 2kg bag in a continental food store in the city.


It cost me $7.95 for the bag, but considering one cup of the flour makes six small tortillas, it is actually cheaper than buying the ready made ones.  You mix the flour with about the same amount of water and add in a pinch of salt, roll into small balls and press with a specially made tortilla press.  We’ve since broken our tortilla press and now use two chopping boards to press them out.  Then dry fry the tortillas in a fry-pan and flip like pancakes.  It’s best to stack them as you remove the tortillas from the fry pan to keep them warm and soft.



Gluten-Free Crumpets 2.0 – Size does matter!

I’ve refined my home-made gluten-free crumpets since my earlier post. The Macro gluten-free crumpet mix has brought a much loved and missed favourite back into my life.  Cooking crumpets now takes a little extra time for me as I have to mix the batter, let it sit and cook each crumpet like a little pancake. A plus side is that making them has now become a nice weekend ritual, we take the time to whip up a batch, eat them fresh and then freeze the rest for later.   The only problem is that you have to cook them using egg rings and you end up with teeny-tiny crumpets. This is something I can of course live with, I have, like many others in my situation gotten used to GF food looking a little different to the ‘normal’ version of the dish – but things could be worse I guess.

Enter my father. He took on the problem of my undersized crumpets as an engineering challenge and proceeded to fashion me a set of larger crumpet sized rings.

Thanks Dad! Happy Father’s Day!



Hi I’m Lyndal…I can’t eat gluten.

Having dietary needs is tricky.  I never want to be THAT person. You know the type, the person who lets everyone know they don’t eat wheat (dairy, meat, sugar, peanuts, – whatever). The person who make a fuss at BBQs, birthdays, dinner parties and office events and generally makes everyone else feel uncomfortable or roll their eyes in boredom.  I don’t want to be a pain, I don’t want to be a diva and I don’t want it to control my life. 

I prepare well. I pack my own lunch, I always take snacks, I plan ahead and I research unfamiliar restaurants or venues. Those who know me well cater to my needs and work with me. I just get on with things with not too much fuss – I hope.

However, I’ve recently found myself in a new workplace.  I’ve been politely refusing birthday cake and eating the gluten-free options at “bring-a plate” events.  At what point does one announce, “I am Celiac, I can’t eat gluten”? An office-memo or meeting announcement would be just plain weird. I suppose I’m waiting until the situation comes up.  I haven’t thought about this for a while, It’s been a few years since I’ve been in a new situation where people don’t already know about my gluten-free needs.

I’d be interested to hear how other people approach this type of situation.

Gluten-Free Pit-Crew

One of the good things about being Gluten Free (yes, there are good things) is the network of family and friends who help support me.  Without even asking I have friends and family from all over the place who send me links, articles, advice and information about what is new, good and unusual in the GF world.

Finding out I had to go entirely GF whilst living overseas was a bit of a mission.  I had to find a lot of information out myself and research using the good old interwebs. I relied heavily on information from places such as  Celiac Australia and on blogs (some listed in the ‘blogs I follow’ section). Actually, the inspiration for starting this blog came from that time – hopefully I can help someone else out there and also be a Gluten Free blog that focuses on the positive.

Anyhow, having friends and family who not only accommodate for my needs but also recommend products, eat gluten-free dishes with me so I don’t feel left out and even make special dishes and buy GF products to cater for me is amazing.  I really do feel like I have a pit-crew, reconnaissance team and cheer-leading squad behind me.  So, thanks guys.

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