If I was craftier with the words I’d write some sort of ballad or ode to the gluten-free donuts I have just recently experienced.  Can you love a donut?  Could I compare the donut to a summer’s day?  I think you get the idea.

My gluten-free tale is a little boring – but long story short; I figured out I had a problem with wheat about 10 years ago and while cutting this out of my diet helped, something was still a little off.  I finally had an official diagnosis for celiac disease about 2 years ago.  Needless to say a decade ago the gluten-free options were not as good as they are now,  I had to cut out many favouries, and all the the strange things I missed the most, crumpets, hot-cross buns and fresh cinnamon donuts have now all re-entered my life. Crumpets are now easy enough to manage with handy do-it-yourself kits now available, gluten-free hot cross buns are now readily found at most supermarkets during the Easter holiday period and now after this past weekend I have finally stumbled across fresh cinnamon donuts.

We ventured out with some friends to the Eat Street Markets at Portside here in Brisbane.  A great concept where old ship containers along Hamilton Wharf are turned into various international and gourmet food outlets.  There’s live music and lots of cosy little places to sit; a nice evening in this ‘bitter’ Brisbane winter we’re having.  As we entered the venue the first thing I saw was a shiny sign saying Gluten-Free Donuts!  I really almost shed a tear right then.  They were awesome – like real, actual donuts.  Not the dense, frozen sad ones you occasionally see at the bottom of the freezers in the health food shops, but actual fresh, piping hot, greasy, tasty, sweet donuts.

Thanks to these guys who are the behind these glorious treats.


My gluten eating friends claim they are better than regular donuts. High praise indeed!


I’m not ashamed to say I had two straight away…