A really good version of the famous Vietnamese salad if I do say so myself.

300g pork

1 packet vermicelli noodles

1/2 iceberg lettuce (shredded)

1 carrot (grated)

1/2 capsicum (finely sliced)

fried shallots

2 tablespoons peanuts (crushed)

lemongrass (minced)

chilli (crushed)

Vietnamese dipping sauce (1/4 cup)

fish sauce (1 tsp)

The amounts above will make 2 servings. Coat pork in lemongrass and chilli and cook in a frypan until done to your liking.  Cook vermicelli noodles according to instructions on the packet.  Add all other ingredients, except the sauce, to the bowls. Add cooked pork. Mix dipping sauce and fish sauce and pour over the top.  Garnish with fresh basil and sliced chilli.

I used packet fried shallots and store bought Vietnamese dipping sauce for this recipe.  Both can be found in the Asian section of most grocery stores.  Enjoy!