To say that you have to be prepared when you go gluten-free is a bit of an understatement.

That being said, there are always situations that you can’t prepare for, travel plans going awry, the gluten-free options at catered events not being all they were promised or simply not being able to buy something gluten-free.


I always have a back up plan, my small container of mixed nuts. I have a large container at home where I make my own mix.

I include mixed nuts, apricot squares, trail mix, natural ginger and sometimes white chocolate drops. I then fill my little container and pop them in my handbag – everyday. I’ve pulled out my well travelled container of nuts on bus platforms, in airports, long car trips, short car trips stuck in traffic, after work functions where the only food on offer is sandwiches and on most days for morning tea. Do it, carry nuts with you. You’ll thank me for it.