Right, ok sorry.  It’s been a busy year so far and I haven’t kept up with my blog. Don’t worry I’ve still had time for great cooking and some new recipes – just not the time to add them here.  I’ll do better, promise. Let’s add another winter recipe, a classic minestrone soup with gluten free stock and pasta of course.

I like my soup so thick you could almost eat it with a fork.

A good hearty soup should be chunky and thick not drippy and watery.


Minestrone Soup

2 rashers bacon

1 onion

3 zucchini

2 carrots

2 potatoes

2 cans tomatoes

1 can kidney beans

1 cup pasta

1 vegetable stock cube (gluten-free!)

1 cup gluten-free pasta

olive oil

mixed italian herbs

salt and pepper

Cut the bacon and onion into small pieces and fry with the olive oil in a large soup pot.  It’s at this point I like to add the dry stock cube and fry it with the onion and bacon to break it up and get the flavour through.  Next add your chopped carrot, potato and zucchini.  Add in the cans of tomatoes and give everything a good stir.  Add enough water to cover all the ingredients and simmer for about 30 minutes.  Once everything has cooked through add the kidney beans, pasta and herbs and let simmer again until the pasta has cooked.

This is another dish that I like to make a big batch of.  I’ve popped the left-overs here into a plastic container ready for the freezer.  It’s always great to have a few frozen home-cooked meals ready for busy weeknights.