95 bottles of cider…..

Right, lets just keep these cider reviews going then.  I’ve only got 94 to go…maybe I set myself too big of a task.  No,no, I think I’m up to it.  This fancy one here is Willie Smith’s organic apple cider.


I really enjoyed this one, it was fresh, crisp and had a very clean flavour.

96 bottles of cider…

I’ve mentioned earlier that I have a great group of people in my life that help me live a gluten-free existence.  My friends and family are always looking out for new products, restaurant options and information to help me out.  So the other day when my friend came over with a batch of new ciders to taste, how could I refuse?  Anything for research.


This Pagan Cider is very interesting, this is their cherry and apple cider.  It’s quite high on the alcohol content at 8%.  I thought it would be too sweet, but I actually found it very enjoyable – certainly not something I could have 3 or 4 of in a row, but a great option for a quiet afternoon drink.  Extra points for the cool label too, my friend confesses that it swayed her in selecting it.  Nothing to be ashamed of really, it’s also how I choose most of my wine.


Hearty Breakfast Ramekins


This is a quick and fun way to enjoy a cooked breakfast, a fancy version of bacon and eggs if you will. Experiment with the fillings and amounts, but the following ingredients serves 2 people.

Fry up one rasher of bacon, about 6 slices of chorizo and half an onion until cooked through.  Divide evenly into your ramekins.  Add about 3 tablespoons of baked beans to each, top with half a tomato and crack an egg on top. Place in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius and remove once the egg is cooked to your liking. Serve with buttered toast – the bacon and chorizo really give a nice flavour to the beans.


Ginger and Sweet Chilli Stir-fry Chicken

The packet mixes and ready made jars of stir-fry sauce are a bit of a minefield of hidden additives, sugar and preservatives.  A few basic ingredients are all you need for a simple but delicious stir-fry.  Add all these ingredients……


2cm piece of ginger, 1 small onion, 1 large carrot, 1 green capsicum, 200 g chicken plus a 1/4 cup of sweet chilli sauce and 1/8 cup water into a wok and stir-fry.


Serve over a bed of fluffy jasmine rice. It’s great with a side dish of broccoli and Asian Vegetable Dressing




Vegetable Hash Browns

These are a nice healthier way to enjoy a cooked breakfast in the morning, a good alternative to bacon and eggs on a lazy weekend morning.  Serve with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and some tomato relish. Super easy.

Vegetable Hash Browns

1 small zucchini -grated

1 large potato – grated

handful of chopped spring onions

Stir through all ingredients and form small hand-sized patties.  Place a little olive oil in a non stick fry-pan and cook until golden brown on both sides.



Grilled chicken salad with halloumi and green beans


You know how it is… the day before grocery day,  you’ve got a random collection of ingredients in the fridge, some left overs and no inclination to make dinner. This salad was created from one of such occasion…I had the left over chicken and potatoes and I threw them together with the rest of the ingredients.  This was so good, we’ve made it on purpose a few times since.

1 grilled chicken breast -  sliced

4 small chat potatoes – boiled and cooled

200g grilled halloumi – sliced into small pieces

100g green beans, blanched

2 cups baby spinach leaves

Toss it all together with Pesto Dressing listed in one of my earlier posts….and you’re done.  I love a good dinner salad; they’re healthy, quick and use just one dish.